Mortal Sentient Races of Osthac

The People of Osthac

Below is a brief description and overview of the recorded sentient races inhabiting Osthac. For a more detailed description of each, please refer to the main article of each individual race.


The Sons of Iron, called Dwarves by race, were among the first peoples to be created upon Osthac. They are one of the most widespread races of the world, and their civilizations are part of nearly every continent on the planet.


The reptilian denizens of the northern continents have been persistently harassed by their history’s great looming shadow: the draconic civilization. Constantly under pressure from these vastly stronger neighbors, their civilization lacked the breathing room to expand beyond a collection of loosely connected city-states. Due to these poor home conditions, many Gathkhan have set out from their native cities to try their fortunes on foreign shores.


It is widely believed that the gnolls were the first sentient beings on Osthac. This theory implies that the gnolls were the product of Osthac’s governing spirits to create sentient life; this would explain their innate reluctance to abandon the natural, primal world in favor of fully civilized society.


One of the younger races, gnomes have been spread very thin across the world. Very few, if any, standing cities are gnomish by majority, however there is scarcely a city that does not claim a significant gnomish population.


Preferring to be categorized by their tribe or city of residence, the name “Halfling” is a derogatory term that was given to these people by their human neighbors, and the name also caught on among the T’wacca when the name reached their ears. Halflings, wherever they establish themselves, very frequently become known for being fierce, strong-willed individuals.


Humans, mostly concentrated on the continents they inhabit, have gained their strength through repeated trial. Riddled in the past with plague, internal strife, and foreign encroachment at seemingly all times, it is a wonder that humanity has endured. Due to centuries of these difficulties, humans tend to be slow to trust others—and slow to forget the actions of others, hostile or helpful.


The struggle to survive everyday life has strengthened the Jev’hageem race. The entire race inhabits a single continent and region. They are one of the few races that would willingly identify themselves by race before political or national loyalty. They have eked out an existence in the harshest of environments, and have developed astounding innovations to survive their lack of arable land and the infestation of vicious predators that plagues their homeland.


Orcish civilization has varied more greatly than perhaps any other mortal race on Osthac. Their history appears at a glance to be a bizarre and twisting path of rising, falling, rebuilding, and resettling.


The T’wacca, also originating and centralized on a single continent, long ago chose to attune themselves as closely as possible with the world of spirits. Their government, hierarchies, even daily practices have modeled and chased after the divine entities. The spirits, in return, view many bounds made by the enigmatic T’wacca kingdoms as some of the boldest made by mortals.

Mortal Sentient Races of Osthac

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