“The Creator instructed the Overseer to build, using the tools the former imparted to the latter in the vast and chaotic expanse of energy that was Creation. After this, the Creator retreated beyond the Creation, and the Overseer began to craft the Construct.”

-from “Collected Writings on the Pre-Civilization Era, Volume I”

Among the Overseer’s divine edifices was the titular world of Osthac. Among the Overseer’s Divine Bureaucracies, Osthac is one of the thousands of names filed under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Heavenly Bodies, subsection ‘Bearers of Sentient Life,’ subsection ‘Worlds of Conflicted Interest.’

To the governing spirits of neighboring worlds, Osthac is an interesting progenitor of conversation. To Osthac’s governing spirits, it is a nightmare. To the denizens of Osthac, it is a lot of things.

Whatever the case, as long as relative balance among the worlds is preserved, and the Overseer is content with the state of affairs, then the wheels of Divine Bureaucracy continue their perpetual motion, and on the smaller scales of affairs, the world of mortals is free to carve out its own existence as it sees fit.